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Master of Business and Technology Community

Master of Business and Technology Community

By leveraging this network the Master of Business Technology, the UTS flagship course, transforms its students from talented IT professionals into innovative business leaders who understand the strategic value of technology.

Established in 1994, the MBT is one of the most recognised postgraduate course at UTS, and the consistent highest achiever in student satisfaction surveys. Lecturers have extensive industry experience and the course provides a strong networked community. Many of the subjects include industry leaders as guest speakers.

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About the MBT Course

The UTS Master of Business and Technology is a high quality and challenging program aimed at aspirant professionals who see themselves progressing to senior technology or business roles. Since its inception in 1994 MBT has been recognised as one of the most successful UTS postgraduate programs.
The MBT objective is to produce world-class graduates who will contribute to the strategic success of Australian organisations across various industries and sectors. Careful selection ensures that only high-potential applicants are admitted to the course while teaching staff are hand-picked for their industry and professional experience and outstanding qualifications. This focus upon excellence ensures a knowledge-rich learning environment for MBT candidates, developing talented people into well-connected and innovative leaders.
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About the MBT Board

The MBT Board exists to provide sustained, engaged and distributed leadership to the MBT program and its community. The board grows in accountability each year and comprises up to 20 active members that collectively deliver strategic outcomes for the MBT stakeholder community.
Board Operation
The board meets on a monthly basis and is fully empowered to formulate and execute strategies that drive the program and its community towards realising their visions. The board conducts annual strategic planning and uses the resultant strategic framework to inform the selection of initiatives that are in turn driven by members to deliver upon key strategic objectives. The strategies aim to support the programs effective delivery and to supplement this focus with that of building a vibrant community and growth in the awareness of the MBT Brand.
The board’s strategic framework is reassessed and refreshed annually. The strategic planning typically occurs in July-August of each year and the current strategic areas of focus are:
Sustainable Leadership - To ensure the program and community continues to deliver consistent and renewable value without relying on any individual.
Clear Identity, Recognisable Brand - To establish absolute clarity of our offering and ensure it is widely recognised, differentiated and valued.
Networked Community - To achieve a mutual professional and personal benefit for all members.
Transformational Program - To develop a clearly differentiated offering to technology leaders which empowers them with a quality of education that promotes social responsibility and enriches all spheres of their lives.
Self Determination - To generate and leverage the requisite resources needed to deliver on our value proposition and effectively meet our commitments to our stakeholders
The current Board Members are:

Chairman: Stefano Bianchini | Program Architect, Railways Operations Centre, Transport Sydney Trains; MBT alumnus (2010)
Deputy Chair: Miryana Penuvcevski | Project Manager, WiseTech Global; MBT student
Secretary: Alex Eagles | Software Developer, WiseTech Global; MBT student
Treasurer: Colin Armstrong | Program Office, Reserve Bank of Australia; MBT alumnus (2004)

Ken Dovey | Associate Professor; MBT Director
Robert Hanimyan | National Services Manager, UXC Connect; MBT alumnus (2010)
Stuart Penny | Senior Program Manager, University of Western Sydney; MBT alumnus (2004)
George Kahkejian | Senior Technical Relationship Manager, Citrix; MBT alumnus (2013)
Lee Challoner-Miles | Executive Manager, Branch, ATM & CRM technology, Commonwealth Bank; MBT student
Alan Nielsen | Application Security Manager, CBA; MBT alumnus (2010)
Phil Redding | Managing Director, Endor Group; MBT industry partner
Mark Milkos | Practice Lead, Solution Architecture, Family & Community Services NSW; MBT student
Michael Johnson | Project Manager (Business Transformation), SBS; MBT student
Jens Pistorius | Senior Technology Consultant, Incepto; MBT student
Kieran Block | CIO, Propex Derivatives; MBT student

Casual Members:

Daniel Hosking | Data Consultant, NEC Australia; MBT student
Nicola Bridle | Manager, Business Improvement & Projects, UTS; MBT alumna (2015)

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