Eng Chew

MBT Lecturer

Eng Chew is a professor in the UTS School of Built Environment. With over two decades of high tech industry research and product development experience, Eng is a former Chief Information Officer of Singtel Optus and has held senior leadership roles with Telstra Research Laboratories, Australian Centre for Unisys Software, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Eng conducts research with PhD students on the interplay of strategy, innovation and leadership practices, particularly in the context of customer value co-creation by IT-enabled service and business model innovation.

He teaches the MBT subjects of Strategic Business Management and IT Strategy. Eng joined UTS and the MBT Program in 2005 under the then UTS-Gartner Chair of Business & IT and has continued conducting industry contract research projects with corporations, the latest one being on enterprise resilience through predictive analytics.

He is associated with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology conducting business innovation research under the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) INTER/MOBILITY Research Grant (2015–2018).