Internet Entrepreneur & Full-stack software developer, 3WKS

I am a serial entrepreneur, digital product guru and hardcore software engineer. Over the past three years at 3WKS I have played a significant role in the strategy, design, execution and delivery of over 40 digital products for global and local organisations. I have also founded a number of startups both in Sydney and Silicon Valley. The first startup Chorus (an AI platform for customer service insights) was funded by Startmate, 500 Startups and Atlassian's Scott Farquhar. The second startup was a scalable web scraping solution providing Data as a Service which served over 1.2 billion requests in its 2½ years and was featured in Fast Company as a key tool for growth hackers. Currently I am CTO of; an online assisted autobiography writing service, and co-founder of StoryBank; an app that lets you record yourself reading your children's favourite stories for them to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

When not building products or companies, I like to push the boundaries on the track with my motorcycle. I live in Sydney with my wife Amber and two beautiful children, Harrison and Amelia.