I can honestly say the MBT journey has had a big impact, both personally and professionally. My natural inquisitiveness has been tuned and boosted in ways I was not expecting. The excellent quality of the lecturers, the seniority of my peers, the sound material, and a good dose of ‘tough love' allow me to see beyond technology and into what makes people and businesses tick.

This is not your typical master's program where most of the time you wonder "what would McKinsey do?" The Master of Business and Technology at UTS will provide you with new mental models, frameworks and ideas that will change how you see yourself and your career, through lectures incorporating the right synergy between academic rigour and industry experience.

My advice for new students is to arrive on the first day with an open mind; challenge yourself to do more; broaden your skills through the MBT Group Linkedin group or the Toastmasters Club; network with your fellow students as much as you can; and then work a little harder. You won't be disappointed!