Manager, Business Improvement & Projects Enterprise Applications, University of Technology Sydney

I fell into the MBT program by accident, but it was the best accident of my career. At that point I had been in the IT sector for over 12 years, in mostly technical roles working as a technical project manager/business analyst, and was considering how best to progress my career. I was seeking a challenge and looking for something new.

I originally started out in another UTS course but as part of that course I enrolled in a couple of the MBT subjects. By the end of the first MBT lecture, I was hooked and immediately changed my enrolment! The course content was progressive, the lecturer was inspiring and challenging. I was definitely pushed outside of my IT comfort zone.

The MBT has been a transformative experience for me. It has introduced me to the language of the business, taught me how to develop an IT strategy and understand the complexities of organisational change. I learned about my strengths as a leader, as well as my weaknesses, and gained insight into the challenges of leadership. It provided me with the confidence and tools to progress my career and engage with leaders across the business.

I would recommend the MBT program to anyone who is looking to propel their career to the next level, challenge themselves, and meet like-minded individuals.