Program Architect, Sydney Trains

When I came across the Master of Business and Technology Program (MBT) at UTS, I was at a point in my career where an MBA would have boosted my chances of moving up the ladder, but I wasn’t sure that it was worth investing the time and money. I was not interested in collecting another ‘piece of paper’. I was seeking a transformational learning experience.

An esteemed colleague who had just graduated from MBT strongly recommended it to me as a ‘boutique masters’ from UTS and as soon as I met the lecturers and interacted with Alumni at one of the community functions I understood the high standard of the program and most importantly of the people in the MBT community. I engaged in interesting discussions with other ‘like minded’ professionals with different backgrounds and industry knowledge both during the lectures and at community events. I was exposed to new frameworks and ideas that I was able to apply to my job and began reaping the benefits right away.

Through the MBT, I developed the business skills and awareness necessary to confidently articulate the benefits of using technology as a strategic asset that can be used to ‘unlock’ business opportunities. The MBT has given me the confidence to start my own company and provide consulting services to large corporations with enormous personal and professional rewards. Looking back, I can confidently say that this has proved to be the best investment that I’ve made in my life!