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March 1, 2017
Congratulations to our first 2017 graduates!
May 4, 2017

A message from Alex Eagles :

Hello MBT Alumni / Community

Recently I have been chatting with Tom McBride. Tom is the coordinator the BIT program, a similar relationship as Ken and the MBT program. Our aim is to help establish mentor-mentee relationships in order to deliver in the following areas for BIT students

1. Where they should be looking for their first job
2. What are the implications of selecting their first job
3. Assistance and guidance in transitioning from the more structured university environment to career focused individuals

Students have also mentioned and requested things like:

1. They’d love the opportunity to join in networking events that their mentor goes to
2. They would, if they could participate in potential personal development
3. Advice on employers and the implications of selecting different internship opportunities during their studies

Obviously this would be an opportunity to grow yourself and practice reflection in your own leadership, teacher capabilities and provide something back to the likely future technology leaders.

If you are interested feel free to send a copy of your Resume to [email protected]

Alex Eagles

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