Discussions with FEIT Dean about the future of the MBT

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June 2, 2018
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June 16, 2018
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Discussions with FEIT Dean about the future of the MBT

Dear Community members.

I had a meeting with the Dean of FEIT yesterday to find out what’s happening and here are the major points discussed:

  • First point is that he hasn’t made up his mind yet but he thinks that the drop in MBT numbers is consistent with the Australian and global downward trend for Post Graduate certification. He is arguing that the value of formal accreditations for MBAs has gone down significantly and the number of students drop across all universities seems to support this.
  • Secondly, he is arguing that the MBT being a ‘flagship program’ has never been highly profitable and is now losing money for UTS based on the low numbers (12 students enrolled), therefore he is looking at the following options:
    • Option A  Shutdown the program: means that all enrolled students should have an opportunity to complete their degree in theory, however if the program is financially unviable I don’t think that it’s going to continue until ALL students have completed their degree. Realistically, it would mean that maybe in 12-18 months it gets shutdown. Apparently, this decision is out of the Dean hands and he hasn’t mentioned if he will continue to use industry based lectures in future which will impact the quality of the subjects delivered.
    • Option B  move the ‘good’ bits of MBT in the Business Faculty NEW Advanced MBA: this is the one that has more traction at the moment. The two Deans are discussing the details of this option. The Business Faculty is revamping the MBA offering, targeting students with a minimum of three years of working experience and the delivery mode of the subjects would be mostly online but with face to face facilitated workshops. At the moment, the FEIT Dean is unhappy with the proposed curriculum and he hasn’t given his blessing yet. If this option goes ahead, he is happy to engage the board to present more details on the new Advanced MBA offering and get feedback.
    • Option C – ‘revamp’ the MBT offering: He is saying that the standards for an MBA-like degree have gone up dramatically and he reckons that there are quality issues with the MBT subjects that need to be fixed (possibly moved online), however he is not keen to tackle this one given that there is less demand overall for MBA offerings so he won’t invest on this.
    • Option D – Do nothing: This option can only eventuate if there is an increase in numbers that make the program financially viable again. I’ve asked him if he would support this option if we are able to bring a sustainable in flow of new students. He is open to this idea.
  • In terms of other points discussed, here are the main ones:
    •  Concern about the quality of Business Faculty subjects: he thinks that it was true long time ago, now there have been at least two new Deans appointed therefore things are going to be different moving forward..
    • Concern that the MBT Community is bringing tangible and intangible benefits: he thanks the board and community for their commitment but he is faced by a ‘pure financial’ profitability issue and doesn’t think that the community can help there..

In terms of next steps, he is happy to come to our Board meeting on Thursday 26th of July and provide an update on the above (he thinks he will have a decision made by then).

So, what does this mean for our MBT Program and Community?

Basically, we have time until 26th of June to give it a shot at increasing the in take numbers. If you are thinking about someone who could benefit from the MBT the time is NOW or NEVER!
Stefano Bianchini
MBT Board Chair



  1. Robert Mulley says:

    After the last post about this I went and checked out the UNSW website as I had a friend do the MBT there a number of years ago. They’ve also amalgamated the MBT into an MBAX where you can specialise in Technology. It’s part of the Business faculty. Also mostly online. It seems that whilst it’s unfortunate, but it seems to be a more general trend

  2. Charlie Chen says:

    The world is changing. The education market is changing too. We need to make changes of some of the subjects of MBT in order to meet the market demand.

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