MBT Event Gallery

MBT and The 4th Industrial Revolution
Jens Pistorius.

Held at the UTS Guthrie Theatre in October 2019, Jens Pistorius speaks about how the MBT has helped him understand the growth of an organisation in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Turn the ship around
David Marquet.

Held at the Australian Maritime Museum in October 2017 David Marquet the famous leadership speaker from the Submarine Santa Fe spoke his experiences in leadership.


Dave Snowden
Cynefine framework.

Held at UTS in April 2016 David John Snowden is a Welsh academic, consultant and researcher in the field of knowledge management.



Photographs from Various LiDa meetings and events.

MBT Toast Masters Club

Toastmasters Club

Photographs from Various Toastmaster evenings, awards and events.

UTS Alumni Awards 2016

Photographs from the 2016 Alumni awards where MBT alumni member Bettina McMahon takes home this prestigious award.


MBT Graduate photos

Photographs from various graduation evenings.