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Dear MBT Community Members,

Last week the FEIT Dean, Ian Burnett and Head of SML School, Iwona Miliszewska both attended our board meeting to provide an update on the MBT Program.

The Dean has brought up again the issue that all universities across Australia are facing of a significant downward trend in Post-Graduate degree student intake.

UTS has been also affected – in response to that the Business Faculty has launched a new Advanced MBA program that is 18 months part time, with content made available online and few full day facilitated sessions. This is the program that was looked as an option for the MBT to move into.

However, the FEIT Dean has communicated the decision of discontinue offering the MBT Program starting from next semester due to the low numbers of students (35 enrolments across all subjects) making the program unviable financially in the way that is currently offered through industry based lecturers.

What does it mean for MBT STUDENTS?

For this semester, all students enrolled in subjects have been notified via email about all changes:

·        Marketing Technology is no longer offered and alternative subject in the Business Faculty has been suggested.

·        Both subjects offered by Eng Chew (Strategic Business Management) and Rob Livingstone (Leadership in the Digital Age) will be delivered by Dilek Centindamar (new MBT Program Director).

·        The subject Management Research Methodology (currently lectured by Emmanuel Mastio) will have two more lecturers involved.

Moving forward all current students will be ‘taught out’ and ‘equivalent’ subjects to the MBT Core subjects will be provided. We have been assured that each of the MBT students will be contacted to discuss their options forward, however if you haven’t been contacted yet please reach out to [email protected]au (Head of SML School).

Future students will not have the opportunity to enrol in the MBT Program moving forward.

What does it mean for MBT ALUMNI?

In my view, the value of MBT brand will be diminished by the fact the MBT program is not offered anymore by UTS. Our MBT brand will be more linked to the UTS brand in general.

What does it mean for the MBT Board?

The board is still keen to continue its status as educational Not For Profit organisation looking after the MBT Community brand by organising interesting networking and educational events for the benefit of the MBT community (including offering our UTS MBT Community Toastmasters Club).

What does it mean for the MBT COMMUNITY?

The community will lose the fresh intake of new students and it will be made up of alumni, former lecturers, industry partners and people who have attended our Community events. The board is keen to keep the community alive and kicking but we need your support.

Therefore we have set up a survey to get your views on what should be our next steps, please click the link below:

On a personal level while I am very disappointed that the board hasn’t been able to influence the Dean’s decision, I am still proud of the community that the board has built and hope that the support will be there to continue to make our community stronger.

Thanks,  Stefano
Chairman MBT Community Board

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