MIT/MEM interns for organisation projects

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Posted on behalf of Grant Mooney :

MIT/MEM interns for organisation projects

We are looking for placements for graduates of UTS’s two other Masters programs (Masters of IT; Masters of Engineering Management) specifically for students about to undertake their final-year industry projects. This usually entails students nearing the end of their UTS post-grad degree needing to work in industry (for those not already so engaged) for up 3-6 months and then writing up a university research report on a specific project undertaking. In other words, it is really an IT/engineering internship working for a company on a targeted scope of work or technical challenge. If the collaborating organisation is relatively small, we often encourage them to apply for a NSW Government matched-funding grant (Tech Voucher) of up to $15,000 to help cover the costs of the internship duration. The student gets real experience to complete their Masters degree; the commercial organisation gets use of a project trainee at low cost (some firms use it like an extended interview for graduate hires, thus saving on recruiter fees). Note that there are some requirements for grant eligibility such as the partner organisation has to be incorporated in NSW, have fewer than 200 employees, been in operation for at least a year, etc. so this specific funding program is really aimed at promoting SMEs to partner with a research organisation such as a university. I’ve included a link below to the NSW government page that covers some info about the tech voucher grants if that is of interest.

Of course, this doesn’t stop larger firms who also may want to take on a UTS post-grad for 3-6 months and that would be great… although external funding isn’t available through the tech-voucher channel.

Can you please reach out to any of the board members or email grant @ [email protected] if any firms in the MBT community network were interested in sponsoring/employing one (or some) of our MIT/MEM Masters students as an intern on a project in their organisations.

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