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December 14, 2017
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December 14, 2017
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Profile : Dilek Cetindamar

1. What is your new role at UTS?

I joined to UTS as the Director of Masters of Business and Technology that is a highly prestigious graduate level program run by the School of Systems, Management and Leadership. In addition to this administrative responsibility, I will teach and conduct research.What attracted you about this role, UTS and Sydney?

I wanted to make a change in my life after living in Turkey for the last 18 years with exceptions of my sabbatical stay in Cambridge University in the UK and MIT in the US. Sydney was very attractive place to start a new life for me. But more importantly, the job description was quite appealing for a person who has intensive experience in industry-university projects. In addition, UTS is a superb university to join. That is why it was a good-fit in a number of ways.

2. What gets out of bed every morning?

Learning something new makes me get out of bed every day. I love being an academician and pursue different projects that help me to feed my curiosity.

3. What are you going to miss the most here in Sydney?

I love weather, food, and amiable people here but I miss some of my close friends living in Istanbul. However, thanks to technology, I can be still in contact with them.

4. What do you do in your free time?

I spend time with my family, travelling and eating out. I love watching movies and reading books too.


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