Before enrolling into the MBT, there were various postgraduate programs that I was interested in. However, when I attended the open day for the MBT, I was impacted by what the course director, Ken Dovey had to share about the program. Since commencing my studies in the MBT this year (2015 Autumn intake), the course has already transformed the way I think and how I apply myself professionally as well as in my personal life. My attitude has improved and I am now more than ever excited to continue to build my businesses with the intent to innovate new products for my clients locally and globally.

I have also networked well with fellow students as well as senior academics in the faculty to capitalise on opportunities to learn and forge good relationships. The staff who run the MBT program are of the highest calibre and they seek to contribute to students' development effectively. It is an honour to be part of the MBT program and, personally, an accomplishment of its own.