I am an IT professional with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. Coming from a technical background and then progressing through to more senior management roles, the MBT has expanded my business thinking whilst retaining my grounding in technology.

The MBT program is challenging but immensely gratifying. An important aspect of the MBT program is that the majority of subjects and assignments are industry focused requiring students to reflect on personal experiences at work. That provided me with the opportunity to link my academic life with my professional life and confront business issues through an entirely different lens. Undertaking assignment research while at work has boosted my profile across my organisation and helped to build credibility with my peers.

Returning to study with likeminded individuals and getting involved with the MBT community at large has allowed me to broaden my professional network and engage across a variety of interests. The learning experience offered by the industry-based teaching staff is highly relevant and always topical which leads to engaging discussions about real phenomena across the IT and business landscape.