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With only two subjects to complete my Master of Business and Technology I can honestly say this journey has had a big impact, both personally and I co-founded a 7 figure startup in 2013. Today, I help hyper-growth Silicon Valley startups scale their Customer Success teams. I also write for popular blogs like Forbes and Inc.

I have Ken Dovey and his flagship MBT course to thank for my personal success. For years, I talked about becoming an entrepreneur. I read every book, attended every event and loved to talk the talk. When I started MBT in 2012, I learned to walk the walk. Ken taught me three simple, yet important lessons in entrepreneurship and life:

Lesson 1: Follow through. Lesson 2: Lead by example. Lesson 3: Don’t quit.

After MBT, I picked up the rest of my lessons first-hand. My self-guided education included unstructured courses like:

Lesson 4: Managing personal financial risk 101. Lesson 5: Introduction to working harder than you ever have in your life. Lesson 6 (my favorite): How to survive in San Francisco with a new bride and no income.

Without Ken’s push, I would still be a desk-jockey at a job that I hate. Without MBT, I would lack the courage required to go after what I want.

If you’re contemplating joining the course, just do it. It changed my life.

May 1, 2016

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January 25, 2017

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