A Toast to a wonderful 2017
December 14, 2017
MBT Community Connections – May 2018
April 10, 2018

My memory of one cold Indiana early winter’s morning, the last day of 1999,  included the Today show doing injustice to the fireworks display over Sydney Harbour and a braggadocious commander of a US Nuclear submarine explaining his journey. At the exact tick over to the year 2000, his precision boat had been surfaced either side of the international date line. For extra effect, half the boat was on either side of the equator. It was a precise manoeuvre and I was impressed.

Precision and certainty – no ambiguity with the orders given that day.

Seventeen years later, the MBT Community hosted David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around event came to the Australian Maritime Museum.

Marquet’s telling of his leadership experiences, and articulating a message that as a leader, there will always be people around that must be trusted to carry out an intention resonated with my MBT experience. I was partially disappointed that it wasn’t Marquet who was part of my precision memory.

The MBT was a lot of reading, absorbing and writing. It’s a big commitment – but with plenty of informal learning from the experiences of classmates. Turn the ship around was a continuation of that experience.

David Fogarty, January 2018

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